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Children & Adolescents

As adults, we often forget what it's like being a child. For most of us, it was such a long time ago. The language has changed, the times have changed and we are all catching up to the speed of the world. Children and adolescents have a unique way of identifying with the world, their peers and their family. They are ALL individual in their needs, and as you have already learned, not a single one of them came with an instruction manual. It takes effort to learn how to effectively communicate with children, as most of their communication is through activity and with those they trust.

Our clinicians will make every effort to bridge connections with our youth. It is essential to establish trust and find a commonality with children and adolescents. Understanding their interests and learning their language helps to bridge that gap and find out who they are and how we can relate. Through this approach, it allows for the session to remain natural and organic; it never feels overly clinical and dry. It remains interesting and welcoming and allows for us to provide them with the tools and skills they need to overcome their emotional and/or behavioral challenges.

For parents we also offer Parenting Skill Building. Learn more here.

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