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Teen Counseling

The teenage years can be difficult for teens and parents alike.

When teens are going through a hard time, it’s difficult to know when or how to intervene, and how to properly support them in navigating the uncertainties that lie ahead.

When you see your teen hurting or struggling and they don't want to talk about it, it can be scary and confusing. They can be moody and irritable, and never seem happy. They may shut down and isolate. The more you try to connect with them, the more they seem to push you away. It can leave you feeling frustrated, scared and struggling to find the answers of how to best help them.

That is where we would love to help!

Our clinicians will work together with you and your teen to identify and process the struggles in their lives. We will work to build strong, trusting connections with them. We will immerse ourselves in getting to know them and to try and understand things from their perspectives. And when they feel like nobody is listening or understanding them, it will be our duty to provide them with an empathic, judgement free environment for support.


We are here to help bridge the gap between teens and their parents. To help them get through difficult relationships; weigh the options of their choices for the future; process the transition from childhood into adulthood; manage stressors, depression, and anxiety, etc. To help them feel happier, calmer, confident and hopeful for their future.

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