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Parenting Skill Building

The goal of Parenting Skill Building is to teach parents tips for improving communication and building positive parent-child relationships. Parenting Skill Building teaches useful parenting skills such as effective discipline and how to help children become responsible, self-aware individuals. Parenting Skill Building is also great for parents-to-be and new parents interested in learning about child development and what to expect, as well as keeping parents up-to-date of the resources available to you and your family. Parents with children struggling with different challenges such as ADHD, anxiety, depressionmood disorders, developmental disorders, autism, sexual identity/orientation, bullying and bullying prevention, oppositional defiance, etc., may benefit by understanding how to manage these challenges, be more well-informed of the resources while learning how to best meet the needs of their children.

Example Topics

  • Parenting defiant children and teens

  • Punishments: the do's and dont's

  • Disciplining children: the do's and don'ts

  • Divorce, separations and blended families

  • Bullying and bullying prevention --

  • Substance use

  • Promoting health and wellness

  • Promoting social skills

  • "Me Time" (because parents deserve it!)

  • Suicide awareness and prevention --

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