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Individual Counseling

One of the greatest benefits of individual therapy, is the opportunity it provides to examine the challenges of everyday stressors in a non judgmental and unbiased environment. Speaking to someone outside of your daily circle, provides a unique opportunity to gain insight and to learn and develop the tools you need to achieve your maximum potential. Therapy is a place where there is no cookie cutter answer to solving life's inevitable challenges. We are all INDIVIDUAL. We all respond to things in a different way and present with a uniquely different set of challenges. We will work with you to identify an individualized approach to understanding you and your challenges. We will help you develop the motivation and tools you need to point you in the direction you seek.


What to expect


Making the decision to begin therapy is not an easy one, especially when you don't know what to expect. A key element to therapy is the therapists ability to listen and to be an ear. Sometimes, that's all that's been missing from everyone else. Our commitment is to YOU. We are here to listen and become a part of your world, and to try to understand the challenges you face. We will help you identify the problems, develop the skills to overcome them and follow through with your progress each week. There is never judgment; crying is ok, shouting is fine -- whatever you need in order to feel heard and understood. We welcome it and embrace whatever you bring into the session and will work with you to identify and achieve whatever your goals might be.

Inidividual counseling
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