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"Evolve into the complete person you were intended to be" Oprah Winfrey


Evolution Counseling and Wellness works with children, teens, adults, parents and couples who are working through a variety of life stressors and challenges. We will teach you the skills to evolve and adapt to whatever life presents, while not losing who you are in the process. Our clinicians will help you become the person, parents, family and couple you aim to be.

Our clinicians have a wealth of experience and resources to provide you with the utmost, quality care you deserve. If you are ready to take this journey and willing to make lasting changes in your life, than we are excited to work with you and/or your family!

As adults, we often forget what it's like being a child. For most of us, it was such a long time ago. The language has changed, the times have changed and we are all catching up to the speed of the world. Children and adolescents have a unique way of identifying with the world, their peers and their family. They express...

One of the greatest benefits of individual therapy, is the opportunity it provides to examine the challenges of everyday stressors, in a non judgmental and unbiased environment. Speaking to someone outside your daily circle, provides a unique opportunity to gain insight...

Telehealth counseling allows us the opportunity to connect securely and conveniently from anywhere. Whether on break at the office, after school or after a long day of work, telehealth offers a convenient and flexible opportunity to meet with your clinician on the go using your desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile device. It's up to you!

teen therapy

The teenage years can be difficult for teens and parents alike! When teens are going through a hard time, it’s difficult to know when to intervene and when to allow them to figure things out on their own. Even when they are struggling, they often send clear signals that they don’t want to be helped. When you see your teen hurting or struggling and they don't want to talk about it...

parenting support

The goal of Parenting Skill Building is to teach parents tips for improving communication and building positive parent-child relationships. Parenting Skill Building will teach you useful parenting skills such as effective discipline and how to help your child become responsible, self-aware individuals...

family therapy

Family Counseling is a great way for families to reassess the value of FAMILY and to strengthen each individual member so that they can work out their problems together. The family is a complete unit, made up of differing personalities and sizes. Sometimes, the unit gets lost and needs to find a way to bring together...


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